• TASER 7 CEW Our smartest CED optimises de-escalation, streamlines workflows and includes Axon Signal camera activation
  • TASER X2 The first two-shot CED with a warning arc, dual laser, and Axon Signal camera activation.
  • TASER X26P CEW Our most compact smart device with a single shot and Axon Signal camera activation.
  • Axon Body 3 Unlimited HD recording, hands-free activation, and live streaming.
  • Axon Body 2 Unlimited HD recording, hands-free activation and a two minute pre-event buffer.
  • Axon Flex 2 Capture point-of-view video evidence in HD with a 120-degree field of view.
  • Axon Fleet 2 The in-car camera system with easy installation and continuous upgrades.
  • Axon Interview Room The simple, smart interview management system.
  • Streamline the creation, management and sharing of all your digital evidence.
  • Redaction Assistant AI-driven redaction of common objects to accelerate this time-consuming task.
  • Axon Performance Ensure teams are acting within your agency’s policies and protocols.
  • Axon Records Move to a single dynamic report for every incident with integrated AI, and an interface that accelerates workflows.
  • Axon Auto-transcribe Transform the way you review and transcribe evidence
  • Citizen Three-clicks evidence submission from members of the public.
  • Capture Allow officers to securely capture footage on their mobile phones.
  • Axon View Watch and review video-on the spot via mobile phones.
  • Axon Device Manager Simplify the issuing and management of your Axon cameras and TASERS.
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