Axon Records

Join the RMS Technology Partner Program to help build the future of Records.

The Axon Network connects your Axon Body 2 to your Signal units, and your data to Now, our engineers are building a new software application: Axon Records. We're working with dozens of agencies spanning multiple major cities, state police, highway patrol and county sheriffs across the U.S. to build Axon Records, our new records management system.

Axon Records is designed with three key goals:

  • Put officers back on the streets

  • Solve and prosecute crime

  • Prevent crime and other incidents

See our vision for RMS

Our new RMS is built to be easily searchable, and offers tools for paperwork automation, effortless information sharing and digital evidence integration.

To learn more about Axon Records or sign up to become a member of the RMS Technology Partner Program, send an email to